A Deeper Hunger For God

Feb 19, 2023    Steve Byrens

The physical longings of hunger and thirst are the natural way our bodies express their desire and need for food and water. These longings play an essential role in our physical health. They are so important in fact, that a loss of appetite is considered one of the clear indicators that something is wrong physically. 

The same thing is true spiritually. When there is no spiritual hunger for the presence of God, it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong spiritually. But, because this natural hunger is so central to our human nature, it will often search for and find fulfillment in something other than in seeking God. In the same way that binging on junk food can dull our physical appetites (keeping us from eating the nutritional foods our bodies need to be strong and healthy), binging on material things can dull our spiritual appetites, robbing us of the spiritual health and vitality God desires for His children.

Today we'll look at the importance of the spiritual discipline of fasting. Through our study we will discover an important Biblical truth: A true fast occurs when we abstain from some of the good things in life for the purpose of seeking the greatest thing in life - a close personal walk with Christ!