Stephanie Gessner

Worship Leader

I grew up in a Christian home on Morrison Lake in Clarksville, MI. I’m the third of six kids, with two older brothers and three younger sisters. Growing up I was involved in church activities, spent long days on the lake doing water sports, and playing basketball at Lakewood High School. After high school I went to Olivet College where I got my teaching degree, played basketball, and met my husband, Travis.

After college, Travis and I both got teaching jobs in the area, bought a house, and began attending Grace Walk Community Church, which soon thereafter became City On a Hill Community Church. Since then, my life has taken turns down paths I never would have planned on my own! Having never spent time on a platform, surprisingly in 2009, I felt the Lord calling me to join the worship ministry, and in late 2015 I stepped into the leadership role. Then, in 2014, the Lord placed a small business opportunity in my lap with Young Living and called me to step out of my teaching role to be home and available for my family. And as of recently, I’ve added songwriting to my list of things I thought I’d never do. Not a single thing I’m currently doing was part of the plan I imagined. But within the hard and crazy discomfort of being called out of and into different things, I’ve found that God’s plans really are better than any I could’ve dreamed up! 

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